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Collect an extra 2 points per £1 each time you shop online at Sainsbury's non-food

Collect even more points when you go via first. You'll get additional points (as stated above) in addition to the points you can also collect on the Sainsburys site itself.


When will I get my points?

What's this?

Your Points will be awarded within

35 days of delivery

Sainsbury's non-food offering has thousands of products for the home including great choice of quality ranges from trusted brands at great value prices including Sony, Apple, Le Creuset, Christy Towels, Toshiba, Canon and Panasonic.. Great value homeware is just a click away.

Do you get your Sainsbury's groceries delivered to your door? Then collect extra points when you go via first - click here

Don't forget to use your Sainsbury's Nectar Purchase Credit Card!

  • The 2 Nectar points per £1 offer is applicable on actual spend (excluding delivery charge), after any applicable discounts.
  • Points will be awarded within 35 days of delivery.
  • Points are awarded on the following categories only - Home & garden, Technology, Appliances, Sport & leisure, Toys & games. Points are not awarded on Entertainment, Finance, Energy or 'More' categories.
  • Extra points can also be collected on Sainsbury's online groceries but this must be accessed from its dedicated page in order for your transaction to be tracked properly. Click here to go through and collect more points now
  • To view the full Sainsbury's Online terms and conditions, visit and click on 'help'.
  • Registered address: Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd, 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT.
  • You can also view Sainsbury's privacy and cookie policy here (external link).
  • Nectar points are awarded on qualifying transactions completed online on the retailer’s site, only when accessed exclusively from eShops.

Nectar points are awarded by Nectar and not the retailer so please contact us if you believe points have been incorrectly awarded to your account or if you believe you are due Points which have not been issued. However, retailers only keep transactional information for up to 6 months and therefore we are only able to investigate unissued Points, and then issue the points (if applicable), within 6 months from the date of transaction.

Note — cookies must be enabled in order for Nectar points to be allocated successfully. Read all about cookies

Should you have any further questions, please read the FAQs.