Help the East Africa Crisis Appeal by purchasing a life saving gift

More than 19 million people across East Africa are facing terrifying food shortages. Drought has caused crops to fail and cattle to die in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya – leaving millions of women, men and children desperately seeking food and a safe source of water. Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan where brutal war has driven more than 3 million people from their homes and left millions more in need of emergency food. 

You can help Oxfam to get urgently needed food and clean water to families facing starvation. It’s a race against time to save lives. 

Donate your Nectar points today by selecting one of the gifts below.

Emergency Food - 600 points (£3.00)

Safe Water - 500 points (£2.50)

Oxfam Bucket - 1,500 points (£7.50)

Hygiene Kit - 3,000 points (£15.00)

Terms and Conditions

Price points and photos are based on emergencies Oxfam has responded to around the world and are an example of what your points could buy. Items vary in price and specification for each emergency and country.

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