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Make the most out of your favourite photos and capture them in unique, personalised products at Photobox. From photo books and canvases to personalised mugs and retro prints - treat yourself or your loved ones!

Terms and Conditions

Nectar has made arrangements with Photobox to give Photobox members the opportunity to collect Nectar points on purchases of eligible items and, if the member likes, to convert those Nectar points to Photobox credit that may be spent on further Photobox purchases.

These terms apply to all Photobox members who choose to participate in Photobox’s arrangement with Nectar.

Collecting Nectar points

To begin collecting Nectar points (Points) with Photobox you must have a Nectar account and a account and then link these two accounts together.

If you don't already have a Nectar account, just go to to sign up. If you don’t have a Photobox account just register here.

You can then collect Points every time you log onto and buy eligible items on or the Photobox mobile App.

You will not collect Points on any transactions that occurred before you linked your and Nectar accounts.

You will receive two Points per £1 you spend per item up to a maximum of 5000 Points. If you spend £XX.50 or more, this will be rounded up for the purposes of collecting Points. Anything less than £XX.50 will be rounded down. To illustrate – if you spend £15.49, you will receive 30 Points. If you spend £15.50, you will receive 32 Points.

There is no cash alternative to Points and Points are not transferable. Points are awarded to the linked Nectar account by Nectar within 28 days from the date the item is purchased.

What counts towards your Nectar point collection?

Points are calculated on the total amount spent on an order, excluding :

– Delivery charges

– Photobox credits used for the purchase

– Credits already held in your Photobox account

The maximum number of Points you can collect on any individual order is 5000, whether these are “base” or “bonus” Points. For the exception to this principle, see What are Bonus Points? below.

Photobox reserves the right to disallow collection of Points on purchases of certain items or from certain sellers where this is necessary to comply with the law or Photobox’s contractual obligations. Nectar points for purchases made on and are not awarded on purchases from sites or applications that are facilitated by Photobox (such as Zenfolio or 3rd Light).

Refunds and Cancellations

If you receive a refund for any reason on a purchased item, we reserve the right to deduct from your Nectar account any Points you have been awarded for the refunded purchase within 28 days of the refund. The Points to be deducted are calculated at the rate of two Points per £1 refunded, and again the deducted Points rounded down for refunds ending with £XX.49 or less or rounding up for refunds ending with £XX.50 or more.

Any purchase on cancelled within 30 minutes of placing the order and refunded as Photobox credit will not receive Nectar points both on this order and any order placed with the refunded credit itself.

What are Bonus Points?

Photobox will on occasion offer bonus points to Photobox members who have matched their Nectar account to their account. These Bonus Points can be collected by entering an offer code provided by Photobox during the checkout process when you have the relevant products in your basket. Bonus Points may vary. Any terms and conditions that apply to the bonus point offer must be matched in order to benefit from that offer.

The limit of 2,500 Points per order applies to Bonus Points offers, but may be increased in line with a specific Bonus Points promotion. For example – if you spend £1,500.00 on an order (and so would collect a maximum of 2,500 Points), but you also have a Bonus Points offer enabling you to collect double Points, you will collect 5,000 Points in total.

Photobox and Nectar reserve the right to change or cancel any Bonus Points offer promotions at any time, if in Photobox’s or Nectar’s opinion it is necessary to do so.

Spending your Points at Photobox

If you wish to use Points to make a purchase on, you must first convert your Points into a voucher code entitling you to a specific amount of Photobox credit.

To convert Nectar points into Photobox credit you must:

– Go to

– Adhere to the terms and conditions on that page

– Have at least 500 Nectar Points

Then, when spending the resulting Photobox credit on, note that:

– Your Photobox credit can be spent against purchasing any item on

– Where your Photobox credit is not sufficient to cover the entire cost of an order, you can pay the remainder of the price using cash or any other Photobox credit available to you 

– Photobox credit cannot be exchanged for any cash amount 

– Photobox credit cannot be used against Multiple or Split Canvas Products 

– Photobox credit can be used only on, and cannot be used on orders from sites or applications that are facilitated by Photobox (such as Zenfolio or 3rd Light) 

– You may have no more than 6 months to use your Photobox credit from the time of conversion of your Nectar points into Photobox credit

– Photobox credit cannot be converted back into Nectar points or paid back into your bank account as cash

– Photobox’s Terms of Use apply to each order made on

– Photobox rights and liabilities

– Photobox reserves the right to withdraw at any time any Nectar points or Photobox credit:

– that were not collected in accordance with these terms and conditions;

– in the case of any fraudulent activity;

– that were granted in error; 

Photobox also reserves the right:

– to change these terms and conditions where it has legitimate reasons to do so; and

– to withdraw offering you the opportunity to convert Nectar points into Photobox credit upon 30 days’ notice. In the event that Photobox withdraws this feature, any Nectar points that have already been converted into a Photobox voucher or Photobox credit will remain valid until its expiry date.

The Nectar points scheme, including the issue of Nectar points and the conversion of Nectar points into Photobox credit, is not controlled by Photobox, but by Aimia Coalition Loyalty Limited. Photobox does not have any responsibility or liability for any aspect of the Nectar points scheme or its use. However, nothing in these terms and conditions limits Photobox liability for death, personal injury or fraud.

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Spend your points on photos and gifts at Photobox

It’s too easy to let your favourite pictures remain on your phone or camera. So why not do more with your memories by printing your images onto a variety of Photobox items: albums, mugs, calendars, or t-shirts? Photobox offers a variety of creative opportunities to help you capture your fondest moments.

Terms and Conditions

*Your Photobox Voucher code can be used immediately at subject to these terms and conditions:


  1. Your chosen Nectar voucher code will entitle you to the cash amount of Photobox credit which can be redeemed against products on the site and will show in your basket.
  2. Your eVoucher is valid to use at Photobox for a minimum of 6 months from the date of the voucher code, please check the date when you receive your reward.
  3. Once your points have been redeemed via for a Photobox voucher code, this voucher code is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  4. A Photobox voucher code cannot be used more than once.
  5. Your Photobox voucher code cannot be used against Multiple or Split Canvas Products.
  6. Your Photobox Voucher code will be displayed on screen and can be used immediately at (subject to these terms and conditions). A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address assigned to your Nectar Account within 24 hours.
  7. Ensure you print and save your Voucher details as you will not be able to view your Voucher code from your Nectar account.
  8. Only 1 Voucher can be used per transaction with Photobox.
  9. If you do not receive your confirmation email, call the Nectar helpline on 0344 811 0811.
  10. Please see  Photobox offers and credit for more information.
  11. All standard Photobox terms and conditions apply
  12. Normal Nectar terms and conditions, privacy policy and Collector rules apply.
  13. Nectar points cannot be collected on any element of a transaction which is paid for by redeeming points.

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