The Nectar Toolbar was successfully installed on your browser

How to Collect?

To collect your bonus points for installing the Nectar Toolbar please enter the last 11 digits of your Nectar card in the toolbar and start searching.

Please note if you do not enter your card number now, you can do it at any point in the future by clicking on 'Help & Settings' and then 'Toolbar login' on your toolbar. However, you will not collect points for using the Nectar Toolbar until this has been done.

Shopping reminders in search results

When you search the web using the Nectar Toolbar, you will immediately see which websites you can collect points on, as they will have a Nectar logo displayed on the left hand side of the search result.

Valid Search

Shopping reminders on retailer websites

You will also be alerted when you land on a website where you can collect points, as a bar will drop down temporarily from the top of your browser window. Simply click on the bar to collect points on your purchase.

Valid Retailer Search

The Nectar Toolbar powered by Yahoo! is an application which sits on your browser and allows you to collect Nectar points when searching the web. You will collect 1 point for every 2 valid searches you make, up to a maximum of 200 Nectar points per month. The toolbar also reminds you what websites you can collect Nectar points on,making it easier than ever to collect points on your online purchases.

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