Take the carrot (literally) not the stick option

A positive goal with immediate rewards is far easier to stick to than one where you feel as if you’re depriving yourself. If your goal is to get more of your five-a-day, you can reap rewards in the form of Nectar points for eating your greens (and oranges) with Sainsbury’s 10x offer on all fruit and vegetables throughout January.

Embrace gadgets that make life easier

From water bottles to spiralizers, there are a range of affordable gadgets that can give you that helping hand you need to stick with your resolution. If you’re aiming to hit the advised two-litres of water a day limit, get yourself a refillable water bottle with markers that measures your daily intake.

Fitness trackers are a great way of getting a better understanding of your health and fitness progress. There are a huge range of trackers, one suitable for every budget, offering everything from calories burned, steps made, quality or sleep and heart rate, all designed to give you maximum motivation.

Spiralizers can really help you reach your veg goals, and they are so much more than courgetti (although that is a great way to get one of your five-a-day). Most come with four blades that make chopping and cutting any fruit and vegetable quick and easy, unleashing a whole new world of healthy eating.

Plus you can pick up points (or even spend them) on a huge range of fitness gadgets at Argos.

Dress for success

Investing in some new workout gear isn’t just about looking good as you sweat it out on the treadmill (although that too). New kit can also provide you with the motivation you need to get to the gym, even on days when the sofa is calling. Studies have found that looking the part can make you feel more active and better prepared mentally for a workout, you want to be able to move freely and unselfconsciously as you work up a sweat.

Pick up points on activewear form a range of brands including Tu and Very

One thing at a time

It’s tempting in the New Year to want to change everything and set yourself a long resolutions checklist. But this can be so overwhelming that you end up chucking it all in by the 2nd. It’s better to focus on one resolution at a time.

And making a change in one area can trigger change in another – for example upping your fruit and veg intake can spark an interest in general wellbeing and exercise, or a resolution to save money can led to eating healthier.

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