How to turn your spare bedroom into your dream workspace (while still being able to host guests!)

Whether you’re a fulltime freelancer, just starting your own company or are searching for somewhere to finish your first novel, a dedicated workspace is The Dream.  But if you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated study, is it time you resigned yourself to hunching over your laptop on the sofa?

Never!  With today’s home and interior designers knowing the importance of creating versatile spaces, there’s plenty out there to help you turn your little-used spare bedroom into a workspace and bedroom in one.

Here’s how to create your own dream workspace, collecting Nectar points as you design and giving you a reason to fall in love with your home all over

Double duty

If you want a truly versatile space, think about buying things that work both in the bedroom and the office.  This Cosmo dressing table is the ideal size for a laptop, and can be used for its true purpose when visitors come to stay.


Cosmo dressing table, Debenhams

Colour cohesion

While a desk in an traditional office can get away with being utilitarian, a workspace in your spare room needs to be both practical, and also offer a restful place to sleep.

The best modern workspaces blend with the home they’re in. One way to do this is to choose a feature colour from your home to weave into your working environment – check out the mustard yellow of this Sainsburys Helsinki lamp shade, which is then echoed in the planter and the wall art, to help create a cohesive overall look.

Helsinki Circle Print Lamp Shade, Sainsbury’s Home

Designer desk space

It can be tricky to separate the space when you’re using a room for two purposes, but with some contrasting paint, some masking tape and a steady hand, you’ve got the tools to make it happen.

By painting the space above the desk, either with a block of colour or with a geometric design such as this one, you clearly allocate the space to you and your work. And not only does that provide some visual clarity to the room, it becomes an excellent space to tack up quotes and photos to inspire you.


Crispy Crumble and White Mist paint, Dulux

Work, rest and play

Working can take many forms, and it doesn’t all need to be done at a desk. When you’ve got reading, sketching or just plain dreaming to do, it’s nice to step away from the desk and cosy up somewhere warm.

eBay has an almost limitless range of colourful cushions – just a few of these can create a snug spot for you to sit and find inspiration, and adds a space that can be used by all the family when it’s not office hours.


Moroccan cushions, eBay