Inspired by this summer’s big sporting events to pick up a racquet or score a six?

Whether you want to hit groundstrokes like Serena Williams or score goals like Neymar; you’re looking to try something new or pick up a sport you played at school, the summer is the perfect time to do it. So, it’s time to get up off the sofa with our guide to getting active this summer.


The World Cup kicks off on 14 June but don’t resign yourself to being an armchair supporter. Whether you’re in the back garden or the local park, all you need is a football (Adidas), a pair of trainers and few friends. And if you want to feel more like Messi, upgrade from jumpers for goalposts with portable goals (eBay). Now you just need to perfect your keepy uppies. 


Ace your summer sports by swapping strawberries and cream for a racquet and ball (eBay) – and make the garden, park or beach your Centre Court. If you want to take it beyond the odd casual back garden game, the LTA offers beginner courses for children and adults. If you’ve already grasped the basics and just fancy a friendly knockabout, the website gives you a search option to find courts nearby. And if you can’t find an opponent, there’s always swing ball (Argos) for some smashing solo fun.


You don’t need a pristine village green or dazzling whites to have a great game of cricket. Test out your spin bowl in your back garden or local park with this kit (Sainsbury's) that has all you need for an afternoon of ducks, boundaries and the odd sticky wicket (cucumber sandwiches not included).


If all that running around doesn’t sound very appealing, how about a sedate game of garden party favourite croquet. A super easy game to pick up, croquet (Argos) is one game all the family can join in with – and one that won’t have you breaking (much of) a sweat.


A cousin of baseball, softball is played with a bigger ball (Argos) on a smaller pitch, making it the perfect game for larger groups of all ages. An informal weekend gathering of friends and family makes for a great day out, but if you’re looking for a more serious summer-long commitment, how about organising weekly games at your workplace? There are several established leagues throughout the country which you can join as one team or organise games between teams from within your workplace or from nearby companies.