Nectar Connect Terms & Conditions

Important Privacy Information


About Nectar Connect and your data 

In order to take part in Nectar Connect, we, Nectar360 Limited collect certain information about you when you link an eligible debit card or credit card account to Nectar Connect. The information we collect is set out below. We also work with certain third parties: Cardlytics UK Limited (Cardlytics) who act as our data processor and TrueLayer Limited (TrueLayer) who act as a service provider and separate data controller. By you participating in Nectar Connect we can:  

  1. Provide you with Nectar points offers based on your everyday spend; and  

  2. Work out which offers you have used in order for you to automatically qualify for your Nectar points. 

The sections below contain more important privacy information regarding Nectar Connect, and this information is supplemental to the standard Nectar Privacy Policy which can be found here:


The information we collect 

Once you join Nectar Connect we work with Cardlytics and TrueLayer, enabled by Open Banking: This means that we are able to link your debit card and / or credit card transactions to your Nectar account in a secure way [that recognises you using a pseudonymised ID rather than personally sensitive identifiers that humans would recognise].  

We only collect and use the minimum amount of information including transaction data required to operate the Nectar Connect programme, as summarised in the two tables below: 

Table 1. 

The debit card / credit card account data that we do collect: 

A unique ID 

This ID relates to the payment account you link to your Nectar account (this is not the same as the bank account number and is used purely for the purposes of this Nectar Connect scheme) 

Bank name 

The issuing bank for your credit or debit card e.g. Lloyds, Barclays, Monzo 

Account type 

The type of account you hold e.g. current, savings, credit card 

Account name 

The product name of the account you hold e.g. ‘Classic Current Account’, ‘Regular Saver’, ‘Platinum Credit Card’ 

Transaction specific information 

  • Date & Time of transaction 

  • Description of transaction  
    (merchant & category e.g. grocery) 

  • Type of transaction  
    (purchase, direct debit, cashback, refund credit)  

  • Transaction amount. 



Table 2. 

The debit card / credit card account data that we do not collect: 

Personal information 

Your name & address 

Your account number & card number 

Personal financial circumstances information 

Account balance 

Credit history or credit worthiness 

Non-merchant transactions 

ATM withdrawals, standing orders & cheque payments 

Incoming transactions 

Salary, pension & other payments received 


After you link your payment card account(s) to Nectar as part of Nectar Connect we receive between 6 to 36 months of your historical transaction data, depending on your payment card. This allows us to see where and when you have shopped previously, and this history (along with your ongoing payment transactions) is used to personalise the targeted merchant offers you receive as part of Nectar Connect.  

We take the security of your data seriously and we have read-only access to your payments transaction data. This means we cannot make any changes to your bank account, or change the data provided to us, or make any payments on your behalf. 


How to de-link accounts   

We will continue to collect your ongoing payment transactions on a daily basis until such time that you de-link your payment account from Nectar Connect. You can do this at any time by visiting your Nectar Connect account page and selecting the payment account you wish to de-link. From the point that you de-link your payment account we will no longer be able to collect any future payments transaction data. And after de-linking, the payments transaction data held by Nectar will be deleted after 37 months and held in anonymised form by Cardlytics for 7 years. After de-linking, should you wish for payments transaction data held by Nectar to be deleted earlier than 37 months, please contact [] quoting 'Ref: Nectar Connect'. 


How my information is used  

The payment transaction data we access will be added to your Nectar profile, so we can analyse and understand your shopping behaviour over time and target you with relevant offers from Nectar & our partners. An example of shopping behaviour we may look at could be how much you spend at different brands within a particular sector (e.g. grocery or fuel). An example of targeting could be to send you points offers to shop differently (e.g. to shop more with Sainsbury’s or Esso and less with their competitors). 

Further information on how we use Nectar data can be found in our Privacy Policy which can be found here: 


Third Parties we work with to run Nectar Connect  

We work with two third parties to provide Nectar Connect.  

  • Cardlytics UK Limited - Our partner and data processor is Cardlytics who are a provider of online and mobile banking rewards programmes in the UK enabling us to identify and provide you with your personalised offers. They act as our processor and analyse the transaction data you share with us to facilitate Nectar Connect and provide analytics to merchants to help them bring the best offers to you. As part of Nectar Connect we share data with Cardlytics and participating merchants under strict controls and conditions, this may include sharing the date and amount of applicable transactions with the relevant merchants for the purposes of verification and campaign evaluation only. For more information please visit: 

  • TrueLayer Limited - We also work with a specialist company TrueLayer who are authorised as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 and Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (Firm Reference Number: 901096). TrueLayer act as a messenger of your account data between us and your bank, allowing you to share your data with us so we can view your transactions for any payment card account(s) you link to Nectar Connect. As part of Nectar Connect you will enter into separate Terms of Service with TrueLayer, who will be a data controller distinct from Nectar (see TrueLayer Terms of Service section, below). For more information on how regulated businesses like TrueLayer operate, visit:  


Additional Terms and Conditions for Nectar Connect 

Nectar Connect offers & earning points 

Nectar points are awarded by Nectar and not the retailer / merchant so please contact us if you believe points have been incorrectly awarded to your account or if you believe you are due points which have not been issued. 

Nectar Connect offers may be available for a limited period, subject to availability and alteration. Check back regularly to see what is new.  

Each offer can only be used once, unless otherwise indicated in the offer terms & conditions. Offers are not transferrable. You will need to activate an offer by clicking on it before you can use it, and you will need to make the relevant transaction on or before the expiry date of the offer in order to collect Nectar points. 

If you share a joint bank account and both of you link this account to your individual Nectar accounts, when it comes to Nectar Connect offers the first person to activate and use an offer will receive the points into their Nectar account. 

Your points will be awarded (based on the calculated spend and points offer value) after your purchase has been confirmed. We typically award the points you have collected within 28 days of the transaction. 

These Additional Terms and Conditions are in addition to the standard Nectar terms and conditions which you have already agreed to as a member of the Nectar Loyalty Programme. Please find them in full here: 


About the TrueLayer Terms of Service 

We (Nectar) work with TrueLayer (an FCA authorised account information service provider and our authorised data controller) who act as a messenger of your account data between us and your bank, allowing you to share your data with us so we can view your transactions for any payment card account(s) you link to Nectar Connect. 

In order for us to allow TrueLayer to do this, we request that you agree to their Terms of Service. For your information we provide a link to their full standard Terms of Service below. Please note these may be updated from time to time by TrueLayer and as these are TrueLayer’s standard Terms of Service the terminology used will differ from that used in the Nectar Connect Important Privacy Information Terms & Conditions set out above. More information on TrueLayer’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found below. 

TrueLayer Terms of Service can be found here:


TrueLayer Privacy Policy 

Trulayer Privacy Policy can be found here:


Before you continue… 

  • As part of Nectar Connect, we will be able to view the payment transactions and transaction history of any debit card or credit card that you link to Nectar. 

  • This account linking and viewing of payment transaction data is required for us to operate Nectar Connect. 

  • This data will be added to your Nectar profile, so we can analyse and understand your shopping behaviour over time and target you with relevant offers from Nectar & our partners. 

To provide our service, Nectar Connect works with TrueLayer to securely connect to your bank account. By continuing, you are giving TrueLayer permission to retrieve the account and transaction data outlined above and share it with Nectar Connect.