Get ahead with Nectar Shopping Smarts for a Christmas like no other

We know what you’re thinking. It’s far too early to be thinking about Christmas. But with all lockdown restrictions set to be a distant memory by December, there’s no time like the present (get it?) to start getting things ready for one big celebration.

Start saving those points

Christmas can be expensive. There’s presents and food to buy, not to mention all the extras like wrapping paper, gift tags and decorations – and that’s before you even think about making sure you’ve got spare bedding for overnight guests.

To lighten the load, it pays to save up some Nectar points throughout the year to use towards the big Christmas shop. Set yourself a goal of points you’d like to save and set them aside as you go about collecting and spending. For reference, 10,000 Nectar points are worth £50 – which’ll come in handy when you hit the shops.

Get ready for guests

Make sure you’re ready for festive visitors by getting everything in order ahead of time. Not only will it help spread the cost, but it’ll spare you any last-minute stress, too.

If you’re planning on having a big family meal, check you’ve got plenty in the way of crockery, cutlery and cooking essentials, like an extra-large oven tray for the turkey. Check out Sainsbury’s and Argos for all your kitchen and dining bits and pieces – and collect points now to spend later.

Overnight guests – whether planned or otherwise – might also be on your mind, so make sure your home is ready for every eventuality. Stock up on spare bedding, cosy blankets and fluffy pillows to welcome your guests when it’s time to hit the hay. You could even pick up a few extras, like a soft bath robe or hotel-style soap set for a touch of luxury that’s minimal effort on your part. And if you’re looking to raise comfort levels even more, it might be worth investing in a sofa bed: practical and functional all through the year.

Savvy social snooping

Everyone knows it’s easier to spread Christmas gift shopping over a few months to avoid the dreaded last-minute rush. But when it’s too early to ask ‘What do you want for Christmas?’, where do you start?

One way of finding out what they really, really want is by indulging in a bit of social media research. Head to their accounts to check out the brands your has-everything-already brother or difficult-to-buy-for nephew has been following and liking. You’ll get an instant sneak peek into the kind of gift they’ll love.

Points for presents

Whatever gift you’re buying, it’s a chance to supercharge your Nectar balance. The Nectar app is your go-to companion for online shopping, with a full list of partners offering points with every purchase, as well as those with bonus point promotions.

There are over 300 partner brands to choose from, from ASOS for the style-setter, to Selfridges for the lover of luxury and Wayfair for the wannabe interior decorator in your life. You’ll find subscription-based retailers for the gifts that keep on giving, as well as smaller retailers if your aim this holiday season is to shop small. The list really does go on, so make sure you explore all the places you can collect Nectar points and arm yourself with pro-shopper knowledge.

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*Just a heads up, the tips and tricks in this series are not exclusive to Nectar. Follow at your own risk.