Create a cosy haven inside and out with Nectar Shopping Smarts

Home has never meant quite so much to so many of us as it has over the last year or so. After months of being stuck indoors, chances are you’re champing at the bit to freshen things up. And that’s before we even mention having guests round after such a long social hiatus. Get things ship shape and looking sharp with the latest home tips from Nectar.

Be clever with colour

Wall to wall magnolia, be gone: it’s time to embrace colour. But before you reach for the roller, it’s worth thinking about some of the defining characteristics of the room you’re decorating.

If your room is dark, it’s likely to be north facing with no direct sun.  Rather than thinking that makes it cold and dim, think of the potential for it to be naturally calm and cosy. Warm mustards and sunset golds work particularly well in these settings, and you can add extra drama by picking out woodwork or soft furnishings in a contrasting colour.

South facing rooms benefit from direct sunlight, which means they’re ideal for cooler shades like aquamarine, dove grey or even fresh white with just a hint of blue or violet in it. 

West facing rooms have sun in the morning, while those facing east get the sun in the afternoon. For these rooms consider when they’re used the most. For instance, if your breakfast nook is sunny in the morning, you can reach for the cool blues, while if it’s darker in the AM, you’ll want to boost its cosy qualities with a warmer tone.

Whatever colour you choose, make sure you’ve got the right equipment to do the job properly. Dulux Decorator Centre have everything you need, and you’ll get Nectar points with every purchase. Just the thing to spend on those finishing touches from Argos you probably don’t need, but really, really want. Table lamp shaped like a peacock, anyone?

Can’t paint the walls? No problem

If you’re renting your home and can’t do anything in the way of permanent decoration or painting, you can still add splashes of colour. Instead of wallpapers and paints, choose a bright sofa, some patterned bedding, some bold artwork – whatever you like, really.

But if you’ve got your heart set on that wallpaper, we feel you. A tried-and-tested trick for renters is to paper or paint a board (MDF or similar will work) to use as a screen or to prop against the wall, et voila, landlord-friendly colour on the walls. You could also try peel and stick wallpaper which, as the name suggests, comes right off when it’s time to move.

Upcycle furniture finds

If you want to create a home full of unique and interesting furniture that truly reflects your style, master the art of upcycling. Whether you’ve got an old piece of furniture that needs a bit of TLC or stumble across a bargain in a second-hand shop, you can give it a new lease of life with a lick of paint or some new upholstery.

You’ll find thousands of upcycling accessories online, from chalk paint to fabric in every colour under the sun. eBay is a great place to find the bits and pieces you need, and if you’ve linked your Nectar account to your eBay account via eBay’s site you’ll automatically collect points and boost your Nectar balance at the same time.

Bring the outdoors in – and vice versa

Everyone knows how important it is to get outdoors – even more so after 12 months of being stuck inside. A simple, quick and cost-efficient way to breathe new life into your home is with plants; more specifically, lots of them.

Adding greenery and freshness to your home through plants is an idea that continues to gain traction in the world of design, and for good reason. The pros call it biophilic design, and the mental and physical benefits of surrounding yourself with plants are well documented. Incorporate the idea into any (or every) room in your home for instant colour and stress relief, whether it’s a sprawling spider plant in the bathroom or a potted palm tree in the lounge as a reminder of holidays past and future.

That’s inside covered, so what about out? Extending your indoor living space to the garden, patio or balcony is a great way of making the most of balmy summer evenings. Check out Habitat for a whole bunch of soft furnishings, furniture and lighting that are made for outside. You’ll thank yourself come August as you’re whiling away the hours in your new rattan chair.

Make the energy switch

Here’s a pro tip: make the simple switch to Sainsbury’s Energy and turn that home admin into points. With extra Nectar points on every Sainsbury’s shop*, you’ll seriously boost your points balance over the course of the year. And we all know more points equal more treats – what could be better than that?

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